Chisel of our company is manufactured according to "JB/T11302-2013 hydraulic hammer chisel" with unique heat treatment technology. The chisel has a unique factory code and only claims once time. Customized special-shaped chisel is not in the scope of warranty;φ155 chisel, the warranty length of 10%, Φ165mm above, the warranty length of 200mm, lengthened chisel claim length, according to the standard length of claim. Our company is only responsible for the quality of chisel.

Pre-sale service

Pre sales service

Our products are strictly designed, processed and produced according to national standards and industrial standards, and the quality is absolutely guaranteed.

In-sale service

After-sale service

All products sold by our company are subject to lifelong tracking maintenance and repair, and the cost of repair and accessories due to improper use by users or beyond the warranty period is charged.

After-sales service


In the process of usage, chisel can be claimed on condition of quality problem due to the materials or heat treatment, but any other damage and loss are out of compensational range.