1.In the process of usage, chisel can be claimed on condition of quality problem due to the materials or heat treatment, but any other damage and loss are out of compensational range. 

2.The chisels will be worn to different degree in different working environments. Therefore, the chisels shall not claim due to being worn.   

3. Please contact your supplier for any damage of the chisels. Any problems caused by hitting or reconstruction without authorization shall not claim.

4. For any lengthened chisel ordered by customers, if the extra length is more then 100mm comparing with the original ones, any problems arising shall not claim.

Case of Warranty Claims for Incidents Involving Hydraulic Breaker chisels


A-Chisel Back:

According to Article 5.8 of JB/ T5903-2008 Hydraulic Hammer, the damage of chisel back caused by the impact of piston exceeding 3mm is not included in the scope of claims.

B-Flat Pin:

1. Due to raw materials and heat treatment problems, the occurrence of flat brittle fracture belongs to the scope of claims.

2. Due to excessive wear and tear of the guide sleeve caused by deflection, or serious air hit caused by non-straight brittle fracture, does not belong to the scope of claims.

C-Middle Of Chisel:

1. Inclined fracture occurs in lever operation due to non-material reasons, which does not fall into the scope of claim.

2. Bending and cracking of chisel belongs to the scope of claim.

D-Head Of Chisel:

1. No claim shall be made for rupture.

2. Due to long time continuous striking, high temperature annealing softening and curling of chisel will not be claimed.


Chisel of our company is manufactured according to "JB/T11302-2013 hydraulic hammer chisel" with unique heat treatment technology. The chisel has a unique factory code and only claims once time. Customized special-shaped chisel is not in the scope of warranty;φ155 chisel, the warranty length of 10%, Φ165mm above, the warranty length of 200mm, lengthened chisel claim length, according to the standard length of claim. Our company is only responsible for the quality of chisel.

Handan Hanbing Machinery Co., Ltd. reserves the right of final interpretation of this standard.

Crack reason of Chisel and piston


Thurst & outer bushing worn:

Chisel and piston crack reasons,thrust &outer buching worn greatily(≤10mm),partial hit for long time beard uneven,please replace the threst & outer bushing.


Plston needs to be repalred or replaced:

Chisel and piston crack reasone the piston hits the chisel for longtime,causing piston surtace worn and concave,so it can not cocolncide with the tail of chisel,please mpair the piston


Payment Standard


Be Turned

The enormous energy is porduced while chisel crushes rock.If rock is crushed immediately,the energy canbe released accordingly.If the rock is harder and cannot be crushed,the energy cannot be released immedi-ately.Thus the energy of continuous strike will be converted to huge heat(the tip of chisel thmperatures of tip chisel can reach above 400 degree Celsius),which leads to chisel decarburizing and softening so that it be turned even chip off-falling,If the chisels are used for oprating on higher hardness mine,such problems same point is less than 30 seconds.If the rock cannot be crushed by continually striking the same point,a new breaking point should be found.If the rock is harder,the cold water should be prepared for cooling hot chisel.The above probiems and similar situation are out of compersation.



Partial Beat

It will cause such problems if continue to use the breaker chisel when the bushing,pistons and other parts wear,aging much more serious.Inthis case,the chisel will emergence of a larger loose after installation and can not maintain the correct working position,so that piston and chisel beating surface often in non-parallel state,then cause partial beat.This situation causes only part of the side of chisel trailing to with-stand high-frequency and high-energy heating from the pistons,which reduces the contact surface,and the pressure doubled,so that the edge of chisel trailing becoming part of fragmentation.Typically the chisel is undel a long period of time partial beat,the position of bushing month will cause serious wear because of the long=term irregular force.It claims that due to the chisel accessories no change in time or man-made reason causes to the partial beat and chisel damage will not be accepted compensation.



Pry Off

To achieve higher mechanical strength,the chisels should be subjected to heat treatment,so that has larger hardness.It should try to keep the perpendicular angel when operatin.It will cause great harm if any using 
the chisel as a lever,using the chisel by contact angel,using an excavator stretch.That is the main reason for the fatigue stress increase of chisel from the side force.Practice shows that the crack of chisel pry off has several typical features:1,It is the starting point for damage that section with a 90-degree vertical chisel and small semi-circular fatigue surface on the edge of the fracture surface.2,There radial cracks along the breakage starting point on the fracture surface.In addition,the working direction of excavatou arm is mainly fore-and-aft,adn Rod's flat pin loaded from the front,so the fracture direction due to this stretch is often the same as the same direction of flat pin.